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Seminar on Sustainable Tourism | May 1, 2008

Cristina Suhr and the tour operators during the seminar.
Over a dozen of the most important tour operators in the country attended a seminar on the assistance for and implementation of sustainable tourism in Nicaragua. The seminar formed part of the Sustainable Tourism program of the international socio-environmental organization Rainforest Alliance in Nicaragua.

The seminar was directed by Cristina Suhr, specialist in marketing from Rainforest Alliance - Costa Rica. In an interview, she emphasized the importance of showing businesses that sustainable tourism does not exclude financial sustainability, especially in a country where tourism represents an alternative to economic development (such as Nicaragua), and where the market is moving in a more ecologically and socially responsible direction.

Rainforest Alliance, as part of their tourism coordination, wishes to give training on best practices to these companies. This, in turn, will allow these businesses to obtain an “eco-stamp”, which can be useful in attracting customers and enhancing competitiveness, as pointed out in the reports from the press office of Rainforest Alliance in Nicaragua.