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LUME Theater in Nicaragua | May 5, 2008

Conference by LUMA to the national press in the Teatro Nacional Rubén Darío.
Members from the Brazilian Center of Theatrical Explorations and Theater Company “LUME” arrived in Nicaragua today, Monday, May 5. Their visit will include giving workshops for half a week, open for the Nicaraguan theater community, as well giving two technical demonstrations and artistic presentations for free, directed at the general public.

As explained in a conference by actor Ricardo Puccetti, LUMA was founded 23 years ago as a center where actors could explore their profession, in search for a continuous intellectual and artistic development. They have visited almost all continents, working with the methodology of exchanging experiences. Currently, the group is made up of seven actors and also forms a theater company which maintains a repertoire of 12 shows.

The first performance will take place in the experimental room Pilar Aguirre in the National Theater at 7 PM tomorrow, Tuesday, May 6. The work “Cnossos” will be presented, a gestural monologue without any words, revolving around the theme of human loneliness (act by Ricardo Puccetti). The second performance will take place on Friday, May 9, at the same time, in the Nicaraguan Cultural Institute (INC), located in the Antiguo Gran Hotel; this performance will be “Cravo, Lírio e Rosa”, a duet of clowns, which deals with the meeting and relationship of two people (act by Carlos Simioni and Ricardo Puccetti).

The technical demonstrations will be open to actors and to the general public. These will be a great display, in which the actors of LUMA will demonstrate the theoretic-practical putting together of a piece. Both events will take place at 3 PM. The first will be on Tuesday, May 6, in the Sala Pilar Aguirre of the National Theater; the second one will be on Wednesday, May 7, in the Escuela Nacional de Teatro, in the city of Granada.

Nicaragua is the 23rd country to be visited by LUMA, whose presence here was coordinated by the cultural section of the Brazilian Embassy. For more information on LUMA, please visit their website