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Spectacular show by the Georgian National Ballet | May 9, 2008

Spectacular movements form part of the choreography of the Georgian National Ballet.
The National Ballet from Georgia held a spectacular show in the Sala Mayor of the Rubén Darío National Theater, this past Wednesday, May 7. The audience cheered for the skills, synchrony, and expressiveness of the professional European ballerinas, who will return to Nicaragua to perform on Tuesday, May 13.

The performance was part of the Latin American tour the group is currently undertaking. Damarys Garay, public relations officer of the National Theater, explained that the group will revisit Nicaragua due to the suspension of their visit to Panama.

The show includes traditional Caucasian dancing, performed with evident professionalism by the ballerinas. Rhythmic movements, creativity, expressiveness and a good choreography gave the performance its high quality.

This is the first visit of the ballet group to Nicaragua, though younger members of the same ballet company have already visited the country twice, to perform the “Los Niños Virtuosos del Cáucaso”, Garay explained.

Tickets to the performance on May 13 (7:30 PM) in the Sala Mayor of the National Theater are sold for C$25, C$20, C$28 and C$15.