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Wilma not hitting Nicaragua | Oct 21, 2005

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The latest update on Hurricane Wilma from national and international weather monitoring agencies is that the hurricane will not hit Nicaragua. The outlook has been revised: the agencies previously warned that Wilma would possibly pass by the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. At this moment, the hurricane is heading to the Mexican coast, and it is suspected to continue heading north.

Compared to its neighbors, Nicaragua has had a relatively quiet hurricane season. Hurricane Stan has left its marks, though. The rain has destroyed many crop fields, especially in the northern region. Floods and mud slides have damaged houses and several people have died. Nicaragua fortunately escaped devastating, large-scale mud slides as occurred in the neighboring countries.

At this moment, the hindrance to tourists caused by Hurricane Wilma is minimal. International flights scheduled for destinations that lie in the affected zones are cancelled, but on a national level the transportation sector is not affected.