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Inauguration of the digital exposition “Unión Utópica” | May 17, 2008

Visitors of the inauguration look at the digital productions
The digital exposition “Unión Utópica” was simultaneously inaugurated in the cities of Managua and San Jose (Costa Rica), as well as on the internet for the rest of the world, on May 15. It contains works of photography, video, and digital manipulation of 20 young Central American artists.

The exposition contains over 30 pieces, produced by artists from Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. It was prepared by Grupo Centro, a group of young, independent artists, according to Rodrigo Peñalba, member of the group.

The inauguration took place in the showroom of Enitel, in Galerías Santo Domingo in Managua. In Costa Rica, it took place in the Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporaneo in San Jose. The works, however, will remain open to the public through the internet, and can therefore be paid a virtual visit, by going to the website created by the group.

Peñalba pointed out two interesting ideas during the inauguration. Firstly, he remarked that the exposition of young Central Americans "has no boundaries", as it is available on the internet to the entire world. Secondly, this initiative is not presented by electronic engineers and it is not a display of technology. Instead, it is a form of artistic expression: "the technological tricks can present feelings and ideas", he said.

Even though the inauguration night in Managua was not attended by a large public, several national press representatives were present. The artistic display can be found on the website