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“Granada en la mirada” paintings by Cuban Betancourt | May 17, 2008

The works show both urban settings and scenery of the islets.
Scenery of the islets and urban features of the colonial city of Granda are the main topics of the aquarelle paintings of Cuban artist Fran Betancourt. These works are put together in the exposition "Granada en la mirada", which was inaugurated last Thursday, May 15, in the Galería Códice, where it will continue to be on display until June 14.

In total, the exposition contains over 20 aquarelles, made on paper and canvas by Betancourt. The Cuban artist currently resides in Nicaragua, but originates from Santiago de Cuba, a colonial city with strong resemblances to Granada, according to Juanita Bermúdez, director of the Galería Códice.

The paintings are soft, with strokes that are more implied than defined, and show excellent control of light, colors, and tones. This is the first exposition by the artist in Nicaragua and all works can be purchased.