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Exposition of Latin American videoart | May 19, 2008

The works are grouped into five different themes and distributed over three screens.
The exposition "Videografías Invisibles" is open for public in the Palacio Nacional de la Cultura, where is was inaugurated on May 15. The exposition brings together videoart made by Latin American artists over the past five years.

In total, 41 works are on display produced by dozens of artists originating from different Latin American countries. The creative productions differ in duration, technical resources and topic. They are grouped according to five different themes: 1. Music for the eyes, 2. Exercises against forgetting, 3. Impure film, 4. Habitat, and 5. Acted imagination.

"In its entirety, the program constitutes a necessary update, offering a single visual repertoire that brings us closer to the current peculiarities of Latin American productions, and of life itself", explained the presenters of the exposition. The works are on display on three screens in one of the exposition rooms of the Palacia Nacional.

Included in the exposition are three works of Nicaraguan artist Ernesto Salmerón, which form part of the series titled “Documentos contra el olvido”. They are manipulations of creative cinematic pieces produced before and during the Sandinista Revolution concerning this historical moment.

The exposition is an initiative of the ONG Alta Tecnología Andina, the Museo Patio Herreriano de Valladolid, the center Atlántico de Arte Moderno and the Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional.