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PECA exposition of emergent Central American paintings | May 19, 2008

The creations of the young artists at PECA
Last Friday, May 16, the school of visual arts Espira presented PECA: Emergent Central American Paintings. This exposition contains the works of students – young Central American artists – that were produced during painting workshops.

The exposition consists of 21 works by the same number of artists; the pieces are the final products of students after having followed the workshops taught by experts from the region, from Brazil, and from Denmark. Participants in this workshop come from the six Spanish speaking Central American countries: Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

“This first exposition of emergent Central American paintings shows encouraging diversity of honest and clear proposals that indicate a diverse and tolerant future”, said Nicaraguan artist Patricia Belli, director of the art school.

PECA is exhibited at the school, located in the Campo Bruce neighborhood in Managua (directions: go two blocks south from the traffic lights at Gancho de Camino; then go two blocks east and one and a half south again). The exhibition will be open until Friday, May 23.