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Malos Hábitos presents “Algo Elemental” | May 26, 2008

Press conference presented by Malos Hábitos
National rock band Malos Hábitos gave a press conference this Monday, May 26. The conference took place in Teatro Nacional Rubén Darío, and was aimed at officially presenting the band's second album, titled "Algo Elemental". A launch concert of the album was also announced, to take place on Tuesday, May 27, in the Sala Mayor of the aforementioned theater.

The new album has been on the national market since March of this year. It contains 12 songs, of which 11 are written by the band itself. The other song is a cover of the ballad "En el mismo tren", by the great Nicaraguan composer Hernaldo Zúñiga, residing in Mexico. Producer of the album is Felipe Staiti, guitarist of the Argentinian group Enanitos. The CD is for purchase in music stores across Managua, as well as in other parts of the country.

The concert of May 27 will start at 7 PM. Besides the band itself, performances will also be given by guests, such as Norma Helena Gadea and Hugo Castilla. This is only the second occasion on which such a young Nicaraguan rock band will perform in the main room of the national theater.

"We will put on a show of the highest level", said José Abraham Montealegre, singer of the band. Susan de Aguerri, director of the theater, used the opportunity to point out that even though it will be a rock concert, entry will be denied to visitors who do not abide by the basic clothing norms of the theater (to be found here).

Malos Hábitos is one of the most popular rock bands in the country. Their "rebirth" took place several years ago, according to the musicians at the conference; they have already been around for over 10 years. Their first success was “Búscame”, finished and launched in 2005. Current members of the band are José Abraham Montealegre (El Sose Malanga, voice and guitar), Jorge Diaz (Emelino Malanga, bass), Omar Diaz (Dipso Malanga, lead guitarist) and Carlos Alvear (Charli). For more information on the band, please visit