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Turtles expected around Christmas | Dec 19, 2005

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With the year ending, the turtle breeding activity at La Flor is also coming to an end. The turtle season roughly runs from July until January, with fewer turtles at the beginning and at the end of the season. December, however, still brings many turtles to the pristine beach of La Flor. Furthermore, you can also see baby turtles come out of the sand and run for the ocean.

Nests have been laid in October and November, and the eggs have already been hatching in the last couple of days. Here is a brief report about the number of nests hatched, sent by the foundation managing the reserve:

December 11: 2 nests
December 12: 44 nests
December 13: 570 nests
December 14: 78 nests
December 15: 2,157 nests
December 16: 1,362 nests
December 17: 1,344 nests
December 18: 791 nests

In addition, some adult turtles have already come to the beach to lay eggs. The big turtle arrival of December is expected to take place between December 23th and 28th. In the past years, around 8,000 turtles arrived during the December arribadas on average. Do not miss this opportunity! For more information, contact the Cocibolca Foundation.