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"Newgüegüense" exposition by Spaniard Valverde | Jun 5, 2008

Visitors of the inauguration look at the pieces by Valverde.
Spanish artist José Valverde inaugurated his exposition "Newgüegüense" on the night of June 4, in the Galería Códice in Managua. The exposition contains a collection of recent pieces of photoart, combining masks or other traditional components of the Nicaraguan comedy-ballet "El Güegüense", with scenes from daily life, currently relevant themes, or global characters.

The exposition holds a total of 34 pieces and a video installation, most of which produced in 2008. "When I saw the play (El Güegüense) for the first time, I noticed that some characters, such as the women, don't say anything, and I said to myself: 'there's something here' ", said the artist. Valverde also explained that after studying the work and its context, he decided to give his interpretation of specific elements of the play, by linking it to modern scenes from everyday life.

The exposition will remain in the Galería Códice until Friday, June 13. The pieces can be purchased by visitors. To find out more about the national play, referred to before, please read the El Güegüense Special.