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Exposition “Abstrácticos” in Managua, Granada and Leon | Jun 12, 2008

Visitors of the inauguration look at the works of “Abstrácticos”
The itinerant exposition “Abstrácticos” was inaugurated in the Salón de los Cristales, in the National Theater Rubén Darío, on the night of Tuesday, June 10. The exposition is composed of works by Costa Rican artists Fabio Herrera and Mario Maffioli, and will remain in Managua until the end of the month, when it will move on to the cities of Granada and Leon.

The abstract pieces are acrylics on linen. Lines and circular forms are predominant features of the art; the shapes are geometrical at times, though more dispersed in other parts. The color combinations seem unpredictable in pattern or shape. Both painters are well known in their country and in artistic circles throughout Central America. The exposition in Nicaragua was organized by the Nicaraguan Cultural Institute (INC).

Visitors can enjoy the exposition in the Salón de los Cristales of the theater until Monday, June 30. Afterwards, it will move to the Museo Convento San Francisco in Granada, where it will stay from July 5 until July 26. The tour will be finished off in Leon, where the exposition will be open to visitors between August 2 and 23, in the Teatro Municipal José de la Cruz Mena.