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Project in Rio San Juan | Jan 3, 2006

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The Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INTUR) announced a tourism development Project in Rio San Juan. Approximately 15 millions dollars will be use in three phases: tourism infrastructure, promotion and commercialization of Rio San Juan as a tourism destination, and a program of support for tourism development.

The program includes a plan of support for the construction of a small airport in the town Rios San Juan del Norte (located close to the place where the San Juan River meets with the Caribbean Sea), and a plan of improvement to the city of San Carlos (close to Lake Nicaragua). Moreover, the project will finance floating piers, four tourism offices, and eight migratory posts through the San Juan River.

The project has been encouraged by INTUR since 2003 and has been called ‘Ruta del Agua’ or Water Route in San Juan River. The program is part of the regional project ‘Ruta del Caribe’ or Caribbean Route, shared by Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. Funds will be obtained through a loan granted by the Inter-American Bank of Development, which was approved in December 19th, 2005.