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'El Güegüense' Festivities in Diriamba | Jan 19, 2006

On January 19th regional celebrations started in the city of Diriamba. During these festivities, you can observe different dances such as ‘El Güegüense o Macho Ratón’, which is a dance-comedy recently declared Master Piece of Oral and Immaterial Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO.

The regional celebrations of Diriamba honor Saint Sebastian. Here, you can see multitudinous processions, equestrian parades, and interpretations of traditional dances of big cultural value in the country, such as the ‘El Toro Huaco’, ‘El Gigante’, ‘El Viejo y la Vieja’, and ‘El Güegüense’.

Many towns from the department of Carazo have their regional celebration during these days. During these festivities it is possible to take a peek at the cultural expressions of the region. Nevertheless, the most well-known and frequented are those of Diriamba (cradle of the piece ‘Güegüense’), lasting for three days.