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4th edition of Poetry in Construction in Granada | Feb 16, 2009

Poster of Poetry in Construction, designed by Rodrigo PeƱalba.
The fourth edition of the cultural event called "Poesía en Construcción" (Poetry in Construction) will present a runway fashion show to the public. It will combine poetry, electronic music mixes, a small concert, and others forms of art. The event, which is being developed by young artists, will take place on Friday, February 20 in Granada city, at 8:00 pm.

According to information given by organizers, the runway show will present Jessenia Velásquez's fashion collection. A poetry recital is going to be toggling with the main event. The music will be in charge of Carlos Luis Mejía, Carlos Guillén Mejía (members of the new generation of Mejía's family) and Osiris González. In addition, sound effects will be performed by Dj Revuelta Sonora. It was also announced the presentation of painting samples of Juan Elí Rodríguez and spontaneous auditions during the event.

"Poesía en construcción" (Poetry in construction) was born last year (2008) and was organized by a group of young poets who had the objective of attracting more public interested in poetry", according to what Martín Mulligan, one of its creators and known as Emila Parsola, said to

This fourth edition is going to take place at Macondo bar/restaurant, located in La Calzada Street, in Granada, where previous events like this have happened. In April 17, another Poetry in Construction event is going to be developed at Alianza Francesa, in Managua.