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Fast boat in Lake Nicaragua | Mar 4, 2006

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A bimotor boat, with a capacity of 25 people, has started operating the first of March in Lake Nicaragua, connecting Granada and the San Juan River in a trip that lasts only four hours. There are two different options offered every week: one that goes straight to San Carlos, and another one that includes visits to tourist destinations like the Zapatera Island, Ometepe Island, and Solentiname.

The boat departs from a wharf in Granada that is located in a neighborhood called Villa Mombacho, southeast of the Asese port. This is the schedule of the trip Granada - San Carlos: departure from Villa Mombacho Monday at 6:30 AM, and arrival at San Carlos at 11:00 AM. The boat leaves from San Carlos the next day (Tuesday) at 11:00 AM, returning to Granada at 3:00 PM.

The second option includes the tourist destinations. For this trip, the boat leaves Granada every Friday at 6:30 AM, arriving at Ometepe Island at 7:45 AM. The next day the boat leaves to the Solentiname archipelago and then continues to San Carlos. It will return to Granada on Sunday, at 4:00 PM.

The prices for this faster boat are lower than those airplane fares, but higher than the prices of the slower boat. A round-trip ticket between Granada and San Carlos costs $85, and a one-way ticket goes for $50.

This new service is offered by the company "Mar Dulce", owned by the Pastora Torres family. The father of this family is 'Comandante Cero' (Commander Zero), Edén Pastora, who was a renowned guerrilla during the revolution of the 70's in Nicaragua. According to the Pastora family, more boats will soon be joining this first bimotor boat.