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Photo exhibition Mi Camara Mi Mundo | Apr 7, 2009

By Olivier Hofman

On Friday 10th of April Empowerment International (EI) and Hotel Con Corazon will open a special photo exhibition called Mi Camara Mi Mundo (My Camera, My World) with work from local street children. The profit of the exhibition will contribute to these kids’ future, by paying for their education.

As their web site states, Empowerment International started in 1998 as a Costa Rican non-profit organisation. Soon after, it expanded to Nicaragua. EI fights for street children who generally come from poor families. They cannot attend school even where public education is free due to lack of funds for mandatory uniforms and school supplies. EI reverses this trend by working with the children and their families and by providing financial and emotional support.
Con Corazon is a hotel located in the hart of Granada. On their web site it says it has been established by two Dutchmen in 2006. In November 2008 it first opened it´s brand new doors. All profits made by the hotel are invested in projects that stimulate children to go to school and successfully complete their education.

Freek Sanders, manager of Con Corazon, tells us these two organisations combined their efforts and set up the exhibition at the hotel (Calle Santa Lucia 141, Granada). The evening kicks off at 5 PM with an opening reception. After that a presentation will start introducing the artists, and a little later there’s Piñata for the children and one can enjoy traditional folklore dancing. Art can be obtained for between 65 and 85 dollars. The evening will end around 8:30 PM.

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