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Exposition of the Italian artist Mario Prencipe in Managua | Apr 16, 2009

Mario Prencipe during the inauguration of his exposition in Managua.
Róger Solórzano

The exposition named "Between Africa and Central America" gathers pieces inspired by cultural and social themes from countries of this two regions. This is the first exhibition that the Italian painter Mario Prencipe brings to Nicaragua and was inaugurated on Wednesday, April 15 at the National Palace of Culture. It will remain until Wednesday 25.

The Latin American Saloon of the Palace is displaying 40 pieces which are comprised mainly of pastel drawings complemented with oil paintings, and other mixed techniques. All of them express subjective details captured by the painter on cultural and social manifestations from Senegal, Cambia and Cabo Verde (Africa), and others from Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua (Central America).

"I usually visit popular neighbourhoods to see the real life of people", commented the painter as he explained that those sceneries are his inspiration tool. He also stated that there are some similarities between Nicaraguan and Italian towns of his childhood, such as couples riding bikes and people talking on the sidewalks.

This paintings exhibition was organized with the collaboration of the Nicaraguan Institute of Culture (INC). Salomón Alarcón, from the Public Relations Departement of INC, said that Mario Prencipe started contact with the National School of Painting during a visit to the country in 2008. After that encounter, the school requested INC to organize an exposition with him.

Mario Prencipe was born in 1965, in the city of Sesto San Giovanni, province of Milán, Italy. However, he spent his childhood in the villages of Southern Italy. He has a long career as a painter with collective and individual expositions around the world. To learn more of the artist visit the website

Translation to English by Cinthia Membreño.