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Monroy & Surmenage's national tour | Apr 16, 2009

Monroy & Surmenage during a concert in Managua.
Cinthia Membreño

The Nicaraguan band Monroy & Surmenage, known for its particular mixes of Rock, Reggae and Ska genres, is currently doing a tour around different places of Nicaragua to celebrate its second anniversary. Performances will be held in the departments of Managua, Estelí, León and Granada and the majority will be joined by national artists, according to information given by Tininiska Ruiz, manager of the band.

Josué Monroy, lead singer of the group, explained that the key element that makes Monroy & Surmenage successful is the Chemistry the four members have. The band is constituted by Lenin Ortiz (guitar), Cristian Jimenez (keyboards), Mauritius Conrad (drums) and Josué Monroy.

"One of our greatest accomplishments has been our sound improvement. Also, our audience has increased," said the lead singer. For him, one of the most difficult things they had to overcome was the influence foreigners bands have on Nicaraguans. "In many occasions, people though we were from another country," explained Monroy. Nevertheless, this situation has changed due to the increasing spread the group has in the national media.

The lead singer also mentioned that the group will record its new album called "Uf Master" in early May with Dj Revuelta Sonora. It will be for sale approximately three months after it is completed.

Nowadays, locations and collaborations of other artists are being discussed for performances around the country. They will be announced by its manager and will be posted in our Events Calendar.