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Enlargement of phone numbers in Nicaragua | Apr 20, 2009

Cinthia Membreño

On Wednesday, April 22, phone numbers in Nicaragua will be enlarged to eight digits. From this date, a "2" has to be added before landlines and an "8" before mobile phone (no matter the company they belong to). Foreigners and Nicaraguans who live abroad must apply the same rule. published, on its monthly newsletter, information given by the Nicaraguan Institute of Telecommunications and Mail (TELCOR) in which it was said that April 1 was the official date of this enforcement. ViaNica tried to contact TELCOR's directorate in order to provide official information about the change of the date, however, it didn't get any response.

According to the press release given by the institution, the measure of enlargement has been taken "to satisfy the telecommunication service demand in the country."