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Teleton 2009 in Nicaragua | Apr 20, 2009

Afiche del Teletón 2009
Cinthia Membreño

“The goal is that everyone gives” is the new message with which the Nicaraguan Telethon Foundation wants local and foreigners to give an economic contribution to this charity event. The activity will be held on Thursday, April 30 at Hotel Crown Plaza Convention Center and Plaza Maya, both located in Managua. “The quantity to collect this year is C$13, 000, 000 and a bit more”, said Brenda Trejos, Communication and P.R Directress of Telethon-Los Pipitos.

Trejos explained that funds collected with the 2009 Telethon will help to accomplish three goals. The first one is to finish the construction and purchase the equipment of the second Regional Rehabilitation and Early Education Center, situated in the city of Ocotal, in the department of Nueva Segovia. The second goal is to start the construction of the third rehabilitation center in the department of Chontales and, finally, to finance the maintenance of the Medical Education Institute Los Pipitos (IMPP) and three more stimulation centers.

The Communication Directress also commented that there are four ways to support this cause. The traditional piggy banks will be distributed around 13 departments of the country, in hands of 11, 000 volunteers. Also, on April, Thursday 23 and Saturday 25 there will be volunteers selling C$100, C$200 and C$500 bonds at Metrocentro and Plaza Las Américas shopping malls.

Moreover, interested people may donate by sending text messages to the numbers 815, 825 and 850 to Movistar and to the number 4444 with the key words 1, 5, 10 and 20 to Claro. The fourth option is to donate money through the following eight bank accounts:

Bank Dollar Account Córdoba Account
BDF 103-0005704 102-001185-4
BAC 000-1443-29 000-1443-37
BANCENTRO 101-2339-36 100-2434-74
BANPRO 100-2171-423-7701 100-2170-423-7662
CITI 101-9961-1236 101-9611-215
BANEX 103-1000-757 103-0000-796
PROCREDIT 01-3734-2802 01-3734-1001
BANCO PROAMERICA 11600101002418220
Costa Rican Colones

According to Luis Pator, General Producer and Art Director of the event, Telethon will have the collaboration of national and international artists such as Mario Sacasa, Otto de la Rocha, Clara Grün, Belén Cardenal, Luis Enrique Mejía, Norma Elena Gadea, Yahir (Mexico), Dj Smooth (United States), among others. To get more information of the event visit Telethon's website.