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Paso Pacifico presents its results of conservation work | Apr 29, 2009

Brasilón Beach, one of the virgin coasts with sea turtles protected nests.
Róger Solórzano

After three years of environmental work in Nicaragua, the non-profit organization of North American origin "Paso Pacífico", which works for the conservation of biological corridors in the Central American area, presented its main achievements in our country- concerning the restoration of forest and the protection of species in danger-during a press tour that took place on April 21 and 22, around the zone of Riva's Isthmus.

Paso Pacífico is constituted by a national volunteer technical office which works directly with the executive directorate of the organization in United States. It receives logistical support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and also works with private owners, community, organizations and zones of natural reserves. Their objective is to restore and conserve the local biodiversity, typical of the Pacific slope of Central America.

Paso Pacífico gathered representatives of different fields with which the organization has contact, as well as a great number of local media. All guests visited different beaches from the municipality of San Juan del Sur, where the institution makes its environmental activities. The event was held in occasion of the Earth Day celebrations (April 22).

Lisa González, National Director of Paso Pacífico, explained that the institution has been working in two main areas for the past three years. The first one, known as "Biological Corridor Paso de la Sierra" which is situated in the mountainous area of the departments of Carazo, Masaya and Managua. The second one is called "Biological Corridor Paso del Istmo" and covers the strip of land that extends from Lake Nicaragua to the Pacific Ocean, in the department of Rivas.