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Festivities of May 2009 in Bluefields | May 28, 2009

Róger Solórzano

The traditional festivities of May, which are held at the city of Bluefields, situated in the Autonomous Region of RAAS, will have its main activities begining today, Thursday 27, and will end on Sunday 31. During these days, massive manifestations will take place, some examples of it are a parade of dance groups that will dance Palo de Mayo all around the city, the election of the Queen Mayaya 2009, Palo de Mayo dances at the neighbourhoods and the antique Tululu (which involves hundreds of people) will be held as well.

Throughout the month, parties have taken place in every neighbourhood, however, the most important dates will begin at 5:00 pm today when an opening act and the presentation of the candidates of Queen Mayaya 2009 are held. After this activities, there will be a dance party for attendees.

A colorful dance parade, during which 14 dance groups will go over the main streets of the city dancing Palo de Mayo and other regional rhythms will take place on Friday, May 29. At Parque de los Reyes (center of the city) a dance contest of this same groups will be held too, as well as the election of the queen of the festivities.

All this traditional activities will end on Sunday 31, at 9:00 pm, when the Tululu dance starts its tour from Punta Fría neighbourhood. For further information about this events go to our Events Calendar.