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Archeological findings under a street in Granada | Mar 14, 2006

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Several Pre-Columbian, ceramic pieces were found at a depth of 73 centimeter during the restoration work of the La Calzada Street in the colonial city of Granada, Nicaragua.

Archeological specialists from the Nicaraguan Cultural Institute immediately visited the site after the findings were announced, in order to determine the origin and nature of the objects. This team told the workers to slow down their pace and the experts also created some protected areas where more objects could possibly be found.

At this moment, there are two remains found that were part of a pot that was painted black, white, and red. According to the experts, this object might have been constructed between 300 and 500 years ago, and it was buried close to the local Catholic Church.

Granada is the oldest city located on the mainland of Central America that is still located at its original site. The historical center of the city is protected by a preservation program. A school and workshop (Escuela Taller) helps to train specialists in this field, assisted by the Spanish Cooperation.