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"Magic tales" school tour in Nicaragua | Jun 5, 2009

Maritza Rivas y Cinthia Membreño

The producers of "The great illusions of Las Vegas" will bring, for a second time, the Latin American tour named "Magic Tales" to Nicaraguan kids. The show will include the special performance of two wizards: Cesar and Abdul, and according to information given to the local media during a press conference on June 4, the magic show has an educational objective because topics such as the protection of the environment, people and their way to relate to each other, quality time between mother/father and children, and spiritual growth will be taught in every show.

Organizers explained that this tour started today, Friday, June 5 and will be presented in more than 25 schools of the departments of Chinandega, Masaya, Managua and Granada, during the whole month. In addition, "Magic tales" is also part of the Theater Season for Children, organized by Rubén Darío National Theater (TNRD). The magicians will perform every Sunday of June at the theater and the entrance will have a cost of C$50; depending on the demand, the organizers will extend the dates.

Damarys Garay, from the Public Relations Department of TNRD, also said that on the last Sunday of the month there will be a special presentation for children from unprivileged neighbourhoods and schools. Moreover, "Magic Tales" tour will also perform for children from La Mascota Hospital and the protection center "Pajarito Azul".