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Awards to outstanding Nicaraguan artists | Jun 25, 2009

Cinthia Membreño.

The Nicaraguan Artists Association "Rafael Gastón Pérez" will give 80 awards to outstanding Nicaraguan artists, today June 26, at 7:00 pm, at Holiday Inn Select Hotel, situated in Managua. Hosman Balmaceda, president and founder of the association, said that this event aims to recognize the contribution that local artists bring to the Nicaraguan society.

According to Balmaceda, the award ceremony will last two and a half hours and will include a great number of performances by national and international artists. Among the artistic numbers, the audience will enjoy a dance show by the Quetzaltnahuatl folkloric ballet, performances by Fuerza group, Alfonso Reyes, Perla Blandón, Lucha Ordoñez and the Reggaeton singers Nelly Style and the Panamanian Mister Saik. In addition, Sankys clown and Manuel Poveda, artistically know as "La Dorita", will make a special appearance.

The president of the association also announced that the ceremony will be dedicated to the singers Perla Blandón and Lucha Ordoñez, and will also be in memory of the Nicaraguan Camilo Zapata, known as the creator of the "son nica", who died last Tuesday, June 23. The cost of the event will be C$100 and it is being organized by the National Assembly along with Carlos Garzón Fundation.