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Performance of the National Ballet of Cuba in Managua | Jul 7, 2009

Swan Lake, National Ballet of Cuba. Photo: Nancy Reyes.
Róger Solórzano Canales

The world renowned National Ballet of Cuba, directed by the famous dancer and choreographer Alicia Alonso, will perform at Ruben Dario National Theater today, June 7 and tomorrow, June 8, with a varied selection of classic pieces and others, created by Alicia.

-Do you know how I knew where i was when i woke up? I felt an earthquake and I knew I was here (Managua) - said the legendary Alicia Alonso, prima ballerina assoluta and icon of classic ballet during a conference which took place yesterday at Rubén Darío National Theater. Both she and the Cuban National Ballet had already performed in Nicaragua during the 80's and beginings of the 90's.

Pedro Simón, director of the National Museum of Dance (La Havana) and the magazine "Cuba en el Ballet", who joined Alicia during the press conference in Managua, explained that the performance will be colorful and filled with a lot of technique. Pieces like "Suite of Don Quijote" and the "Swan Lake" and creations of Alicia, such as "Naked light of love" and "In the shadows of a Waltz" will be performed.

Directors of the Nicaraguan Institute of Culture (INC), who were in the conference, announced that during the recent reopening of the National School of Ballet there will be Cuban advice. Cony Villegas, sub-director of the school, said that there is a demand of classic ballet among the Nicaraguan students, and also acknowledged the support of the Cuban professionals who are involved in the project.

A sensitive, spontaneous, reflexive and charismatic personality was shown to the national press by the great Alicia Alonso, who also talked about other topics besides the presentation. "If you like ballet, then you have to work hard and you will see that is worth to strive for it,", she commented as an advice to the Nicaraguan youth. She also recognized that, in ballet, the role of man is very hard because he has to carry the woman and still dance with elegance.

The performances at Ruben Dario National Theater will be at 7:30 pm each day. Prices are U$25, U$15 y U$10, depending on the location.