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Ometepe was eliminated from the New7Wonders of the World contest | Jul 21, 2009

Róger Solórzano Canales

Ometepe island was eliminated from the last selection of finalists during the New7Wonders of the World contest. Today, July 21, the 28 final candidates were announced at Zurich, Switzerland, by a jury of experts. The final candidates will compete on the final global voting phase.

Ometepe had accomplished to overcome the two first voting phases of the contest, which was directed by the New 7Wonders international organization. After the recently concluded second voting phase, the island classified as one of the 77 most voted spots. Nevertheless, the jury of experts did not choose the island as one of the finalists and it will not compete in the final voting process, which started today and will end on 2011.

According to information given by the New7Wonders organization, the Nicaraguan island is now part of of a "Reserve list", which is composed by 34 destinations that obtained a good positioning during the second phase and had an official support committee. These destinations will only have the chance to participate if they were chosen to substitute one of the 28 official finalists.

All the destinations of the reserve list are not allowed to participate on the on-line or phone voting process that is taking place right now, which is exclusive of the 28 finalists. However, it is possible to vote in favor of Ometepe by making an international phone call, as the organizers of the contest exposed.

This phone voting phase does not guarantees that Ometepe could be reconsidered as a final candidate in the contest, but it will give it a closer status to eventually substitute one of the official candidates in case it was eliminated. Interested people can vote by making an international call to a cell phone in Switzerland, which will last one minute approximately.

Two steps are need to make this international vote. First, call to the number (00) 41 77 312 4041 and when the answering machine says the message (in English) dial 9931. After that, you will hear a final message and the voting process will be completed. For further information about the contest go to