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Announcemnt of tourist investments for Northern Nicaragua | Sep 1, 2009

Alejandra Lezama

The Northern city of Esteli, knows as "El diamante de Las Segovias", was the capital of tourism during the VII National Tourism Convention, on August 28 and 29. Francisco Valenzuela, mayor of Estelí, explained that the main goal of the activity was to promote the North zone of the country as a tourist destination.

Furthermore, Mario Salinas Pasos, president of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INTUR), mentioned that a second phase of the project "Route of Sandino", which includes the departments of Estelí, Madriz, Nueva Segovia, Jinotega and Matagalpa will be executed. The Duchy of Luxemburg gave a € 6.7 million euro for this project.

A great number of conferences were given during the convention, such as: General Law of Tourism, Rural Communitarian Tourism, Route of Sandino, among others. In addition, trips around destinations of the area, such as El Tisey Natural Reserve and Salto de La Estanzuela, were organized for local and international press.