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Two international expositions visit Nicaragua | Sep 3, 2009

Róger Solórzano

A diverse program of cultural activities will be held in Managua and other cities of the country regarding the collective expositions "Mirando al Sur" (Contemporary Art) and "Laberinto de Miradas" (photography), which will be exhibited at the National Palace of Culture from during September. The expositions were brought by the Nicaraguan Institute of Hispanic Culture (INCH) with the support of the Nicaraguan Institute of Culture (INC).

These activities, which will include the screening of films, workshops, theater performances, among others, are part of an initiative developed by the network of Spanish cultural centers in Latin America. The expositions have visited and will visit other countries.

"Mirando al Sur" is a multidisciplinary collection of Contemporary Art pieces by 13 Central American and Mexican artists, which makes a "reflection on the complex and inaccessible reality of the phenomenon of migration". In addition, the screening of the Movie Cycle "Mirando al Sur" will be also screened in four different spots of Managua, from September 3 to 30. It is composed by four pieces of fiction and documentaries by Latin American and European authors.

Other related activities are: a conference named "The theme of migrations in the Contemporary Art", this one will take place at INCH (September 2); a dramaturgy research workshop at the same institution (September 19 and 20); a theater presentation at Justo Rufino Garay Theater (October 21 and 22); and the presentation of the study "Manifestaciones culturales de la migración en Nicaragua", in Managua, Granada and Leon (dates are yet to be confirmed).

"Laberinto de Miradas" is an expository and editorial project that gathers three itinerant expositions that are touring the region. One of them is "Identidades y fronteras en Iberoamérica", which will be presented from September 5 to 14 at the National Palace of Culture, and is constituted by pieces of 35 photographers of different countries.

Parallel to the exhibition and related to is a workshop of social photography entitled "Trovadores Contemporáneos", which will be offered from September 15 to 19 at INCH. All the activities that are mentioned above are for free and available for everyone (except for the workshops).

The two expositions will be inaugurated on September 5, at 4:00 pm, at the National Palace of Culture, situated in the old center of Managua. For specific information (hours and places), visit our Events Calendar.