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Indenpence celebrations in Nicaragua | Sep 9, 2009

Róger Solórzano Canales

The torch of freedom, which runs the Central American countries in the begining of September, arrived to Nicaragua today, Wednesday 9. This year, the region celebrates the 188 anniversary of its independent life, after the separation from the Spanish crown.

The activities started on Monday, September 7, with a great number of official acts around the country. A central act, which is traditionally held at Ruben Darío´s park (situated in the old center of Managua) is held with the authorities from the national Ministry of Education and other delegations of the Central American country.

Each year, the torch of freedom runs across the region, passing by the hands of highlight students from each country. This year, it did not pass Honduran territory due to resolutions made by the regional authorities towards the situation of this country. The torch arrived in the morning to Corinto´s port, located in the department of Chinandega, from El Salvador. It is currently being moved from this point to the North frontier, so it can run across Nicaragua and then arrive to Costa Rica next Sunday, September 13.

Next Tuesday, September 15, will be the official day of the Central American independence. A reading of the Independence Act was ordered in each school of the country. The information you read above was given the Press Department of the Ministry of Education.