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Ephemeral Art exposition in Managua | Oct 12, 2009

Cinthia Membreño

The idea of a short-lived event, with art pieces of the same kind, will be the main attraction of a new art exposition named "Efímera" (Ephemeral), which will be held in a parking lot of the new center of Managua, on Saturday, October 17, from 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm. For this activity, a total of 20 artists will collaborate with pieces that were created exclusively for this contemporary art exposition.

Marcos Agudelo, Nicaraguan artist and organizer of the event, said that "Efímera" aims to be an experiment that will improve with other editions and, hopefully, it will be transformed into a regional activity. According to the organizer, the objective of it is not only to make a short-lived activity but to mount it at an uncommon place, different from art galleries and museums. Because of it, the exposition will be held at the parking lot of Farmacia FARMAT, situated in Colonial Los Robles, where there was a house some time ago, and now there are only the vestiges of it. "Managua is filled with places like those", he explained.

The Nicaraguan artist also said that this project took two months to be organized. "We sent the invitation and everyone got very excited with the idea", he stated. Some of the invited artists are Jean Marc Calvet (France), Rodrigo González (Nicaragua), Cisco Merel (Panama), Simon Vega (El Salvador), Oscar Santillán (Ecuador), Errol Barrantes (Costa Rica), Ángel Poyón (Guatemala), among others.

The majority of the pieces of this exposition will last only a few hours. An example of it is Oscar Acuña´s piece, which shows an image of a family, made with a stencil and sugar. "...the idea is to leave it there. The rain, wind and ants will erase the image of the family", he explained on his description. For further information about the event go to our Events Calendar.