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Baile de Negras in Masaya during November | Nov 6, 2009

Róger Solórzano Canales

The traditional "Baile de Negras" will begin today, Sunday, November 8, at the city of Masaya. The dance, which includes the performance of a great number of couples dressed with colonial costumes, will take place in different houses of the city during each weekend of the month.

This very interesting dance is composed by fifteen traditional groups, formed by four couples of men. One man dresses as a black woman ("la vieja") and the other one as an old man ("el viejo").

Each Sunday, the couples gather at San Jerónimo church, at 9:30 am, and visit 32 houses. The houses belong to those owners who requested being visited by the dancers, as part of the traditional festivities.

Anyone can enter the houses and see the performances, which also take place at public sites such as the Handicrafts Market and the Culture House of Masaya, both located in the old center of the town.