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Third Festival of Special Arts in Managua | Nov 23, 2009

Cinthia Membreño

Eight hundred Nicaraguan children with some kind of impairment or disability will participate with artistic performances during the third edition of the National Festival of Special Arts, which will be held on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29, in Managua. The performances will include folkloric and modern dances, singing, theater, poetry, paintings, crafts, among others, and will be joined by the participation of renowned national artists who support the cause.

Brenda Trejos, Communication Director and PR of Los Pipitos Asociation, explained that the activity will start on Saturday 28, at 8:00 am, with a march that will start at La Virgen roundabout, located in Bello Horizonte, and will end in Multicentro Las Americas shopping mall. This initial activity aims to show Nicaraguans that children with disabilities do exist, are part of the society and have the right to express their art and be visible.

The artistic numbers of the kids will start at 9:00 am at the shopping mall. The children will be joined by national artists such as Club del Clown, Ballet Infantil Quetzalnahuatl, Mario Montenegro, Juan Solórzano, Payasos Sankis, Romel Ocampo, Norma Elena Gadea, the guitarist Eduardo Araica, and others. On the other hand, the performances of Sunday 29 will start at the same hour and will include the participation of Mariachi Garibaldi, Miss Francis, Payaso Pipo, and more.

According to Trejos, the third Festival of Special Arts is the proof of the work that the Association of Parents with Disabled Children (Los Pipitos) develops in order to promote the artistic abilities of their children. The website of this association states that Los Pipitos was born in 1987 and is constituted by parents, relatives and friends of kids, teenagers and young adults with disabilities. The objective of this group is to provide them full development and happiness in a society with equal opportunities.

The entrance to the festival is complete free, so that Nicaraguans can join these young artists and make a recognition through their applause. For further information of the event go to our Events Calendar.