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Mesoamerican Conference of Sustainable Tourism | Nov 27, 2009

Promotional image of the event.
Cinthia Membreño

From Wednesday, December 2, to Friday, December 4, the colonial city of Granada willhost the Fifth Mesoamerican Conference of Sustainable Tourism. According to the website of the Mesoamerican Ecoturism Alliance (MEA), organizer of the event, the activity aims to provide a space for the exchange of ideas and experiences that help to develop a comprehensive, competitive, socially and environmentally responsible offer in the Mesoamerican region.

The conference of this year, which includes the participation of, will have five main topics: Tourism value chains: developing and integrating local destinations, planning for tourism in natural areas, links to the market (new trends), community rural tourism and electronic marketing: attracting costumers online. All these topics will be exposed through panels of experts, workshops and expositions in different saloons of Hotel Granada, which is the establishment where the event will take place. However, these are not the only activities, as there also will be tours, local food tastings and artistic and cultural manifestations.

According to MEA's website, the conference focuses on indigenous and communitarian groups, tourist projects, administrators and owners of natural areas, entrepreneurs, touroperators and national and local official institutions in charge of tourist and environmental management.

In addition, the organizing committee is giving the chance to participate in the expositions. Each participant will have a space of 20 minutes for presentations and 10 minutes for questions and answers, so that experiences, results of studies and projects related to sustainable tourism can be shared.

It is worth mentioning that the registration fee depends on the type of participant. The general fee is US$125, but for community members it is US$60 and for students US$45. This payment includes access to the events during all three days, opening and closing events, access to all the salons, conference materials and a digital copy of every exposition, as well as snacks. People interested in participating should visit the following link for further information.