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Art pieces sale to benefit Salvador Cardenal in Managua | Dec 11, 2009

William CalderĂ³n, Sainab Samara and Waleska Rocha during the press conference.
Cinthia Membreño

An art pieces sale entitled "Ángel Salvador", which will be held to benefit the renowned Nicaraguan singer Salvador Cardenal Barquero, will start from Monday, December 28 to Wednesday 30 at La Hora del Taco restaurant, according to Sainab Samara and Waleska Rocha, organizers of the event. Both made a call -during a press conference given to local media- to national and foreign artists so that they can help Cardenal- who is very ill- by donating one of their pieces (paintings, drawings, photographies, handicrafts and books).

According to Waleska Rocha, the singer and painter is suffering from Cryoglobulinemia, a disease that produces damage and inflammation of the blood vessels of the body. He needs one bone marrow and kidney transplants. "He is in a delicate state of health. He has had his ups and downs and the doctors recently amputated one of his fingers", explained Rocha, who also informed that for future surgeries he needs between US$20, 000 and US$30, 000.

"We hope a lot of support from the Nicaraguans", said Sanaib Samara, manager of La Hora del Taco restaurant. The sale will be open to local and foreigners from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm and will include small concerts for each day. Renowned singers such as Katia Cardenal (Salvador´s sister), Alfonsina Cardenal, Juan Solórzano, Richard Loza adn Crystiana Somarriba will be part of the first concert. The free concerts will start at 7:00 pm. The performances of Mariana Cárdenas, Elsa Basil and the group Mano de Vidrio will be part of the concert of the 29. In addition, the singers William Calderón, Moisés Gadea and the group Alto Contraste will perform on Wednesday 30.

The organizers also explained that the reception of the art pieces has begun. The dynamic of the sale is the following: the buyers will get a code for each piece at the restaurant, with which they will pay the cost of the piece, through bank deposit. The bank account (in dollars) is in the name of Salvador Cardenal Barquero, at Banco de Finanzas (BDF) of Nicaragua, with the number 6010269103. Furthermore, interested people in making donations without buying an art piece can also deposit an amount of money on the same bank account. The address of the restaurant is the following: Funeraria Monte de los Olivos, 1 cuadra y 10 metros al Norte, Managua.