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Traditional festivities in Diriamba | Jan 18, 2010

The traditional festivities of the city of Diriamba, interesting for the dances of the region such as El Toro Huaco, El Güegüense, El viejo y la vieja and Las inditas, began on Sunday, January 17, and will end on Wednesday 27. As each year, one of the attractive days was January 19, when three images of saints have their encounter (Tope de los Santos). Another interesting activity will be the traditional horse parade, which will be held on Sunday, January 24.

The activities started last Sunday, at 10:00 am, with a morning mass, followed by a procession with the image of Saint Sebastian to the community of Dolores. There, the saint met the images of San Marcos and Santiago, saints of the cities of San Marcos and Jinotepe, respectively. Then, the three images returned to Diriamba, joined by hundreds of people.

This massive procession is the perfect occasion to appreciate traditional dances like El Güegüense, El Toro Huaco, Las Inditas and El viejo y la vieja. The procession returned to the basilica of Diriamba, where the three saints are received by a great number of believers.

On the other hand, the traditional horse parade will be held at noon on Sunday, January 24. It is possible to see purebred horses, the massive environment of the activity and the traditional dance of El Toro Huaco.

A great number of activities and cultural performances are held every day, the majority of them at the central park of Diriamba. For further details go to our Events Calendar.