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Celebration of the 143rd anniversary of the birth of Rubén Darío | Jan 19, 2010

Cinthia Membreño

On Monday, January 18, Ciudad Darío (Matagalpa) celebrated the 143rd anniversary of the birth of Rubén Darío, renowned Nicaraguan poet. The activities started, at 9:00 am, with a morning mass at the parish church, followed by a special concert by the Nicaraguan Chamber Orchestra, a parade of the marching band of the army and an official event at Rubén Darío museum.

During the official event, municipal authorities and representative of governmental institutions talked about the life and work of Rubén Darío. They also gave details about the improvements to the museum. Mayra Salinas, Vice Minister of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INTUR), said that the remodeling of the establishment was made so that visitors could feel the presence of the poet through the objects he was in contact with. Furthermore, Salinas explained that the total cost of the improvements was US$86000.The Duchy of Luxembourg donated US$64000 and the municipality US$22000.

In addition, Luis Morales, Director of the Nicaraguan Institute of Culture (INC), mentioned that the festivities in honor of Rubén Darío were held to provide entertainment to the inhabitants of the city. He also stated that the festivities also included the launch of a painting contest called "Painting the poems of Rubén Darío" and the Rubén Darío International Contest for Short Stories 2009. "We want Darío to be present not only on January 18th and February 8th, but also during the whole year", he assured.

On the other hand, Milena Núñez, Vice Minister of Education, said that on 2010 Nicaraguans are not only commemorating the birth and death of the poet. The poetry book "Poema del Otoño y otros poemas" becomes 100 years old as well. The festivities in honor of Rubén Darío will end on Saturday, February 6, with a speech contest at the museum.