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Launch of a new summer song by Gustavo Leytón | Jan 28, 2010

Cinthia Membreño

"Vamos todos a la playa" is the new song with which the Nicaraguan singer, Gustavo Leytón, will entertain national and international tourists during the summer of 2010. During a press conference given to the media yesterday, Wednesday, January 27, at Barceló Montelimar Beach, Leytón officially presented his new recording material and a DVD with six videos he has made at the hotel.

"We hope this song will be played in every radio station because it invites the tourists to have fun in the different beaches of the country," Leytón stated. The singer, who remained distant from the local stages due to his tours in Costa Rica, San Francisco and Miami (USA), explained that during 2010 he will perform in a great number of beaches, as part of the Ron Plata Tour.

In addition, Walter Martino, General Manager of Barceló Montelimar Beach, explained that the launch of the DVD is part of the support the hotel is giving to new talents and the Nicaraguan culture. "I liked the song because its describes Montelimar: sun, beach and fun," he said. On the other hand, Leytón assured that his new song "Vamos todos a la playa", reflects the joy of Nicaraguans.

The new DVD also includes five songs with which the singer has performed both national and internationally: "La cumbia socada", "Mi dulce criatura", "Sólo pa´ bailar", "Romanceando" and "Se incendió el chinamo." According to Martino, it will be on sale in Barceló stores and played during the traditional shows the hotel has during the night.