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Presentation of a promotion plan for five Nicaraguan tourist destinations | Jan 29, 2010

Cinthia Membreño

A promotion plan to increase the visits in five national tourist destinations, administrated by the Nicaraguan Tourism Institute (INTUR), was presented today, Friday, January 29, during a press conference at El Trapiche tourist center, in Managua. Julio Videa, Promotions and Marketing Director of the institution, said that the government aims to augment the visitors to one million, distributed in Pochomil beach, the tourist centers of Xiloá Lagoon, El Trapiche, Granada and Salvador Allende Port.

According to María Esperanza Arróliga, Director of the tourist centers managed by INTUR, there are nine and a half million cordobas available to execute the promotion plan, which focuses on infrastructure improvements, security of the areas, training for food service providers and entertainment activities. From that amount of money, three million will go to the initial phase of the plan, the rest goes to the improvements at El Trapiche and the other four tourist destinations mentioned above. In addition, Arróliga stated that INTUR is also working with other government institutions such as the National Police and the Health Ministry (Minsa), to improve the security system.

During the conference, Julio Videa explained some activities that INTUR has prepared for this summer. "On Sunday, January 24, there was an event at Xiloá Lagoon (Managua), and we had 1 600 visitors," he said. The activities will continue tomorrow, January 30, at El Trapiche, where the musical group Vía Libre will perform. On the following day, the tourist center of Granada will also have a concert by the group Los Mokuanes and other entertainment activities, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. On Saturday, February 6, the group La Nenas will perform at Pochomil beach and, on February 13, the Salvador Allende Port will have a romantic night. Finally, on February 14, the group Vía Libre will perform at La Boquita Beach (Carazo). The entrance to all the centers will cost C$5 for pedestrians, C$10 for bikers and C$15 for vehicles.

Moreover, the Promotions and Marketing Director of INTUR also explained that this promotion plan will be joined by six regional fairs. The first one will be held from February 18 to 19, in the Northern zone of the country. Hotels and restaurants owners, touroperators and other members of Ruta del Café project will participate on it. More details of this fair and the others will be given in the future.