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The Caribbean Coast wins Miss Nicaragua 2010 | Mar 2, 2010

Scharllette Allen. Photo courtesy of Jurgen Martínez Argüello.
Cinthia Membreño

An exciting and historical tenth edition of Miss Nicaragua, national beauty contest, took place at the Rubén Darío National Theater on Saturday, February 27. During that night, Scharllette Allen, a beautiful Nicaraguan 18 year old woman, became the first Afro-Caribbean to win the tittle of the most beautiful woman in the history of this beauty pageant.

Nicaraguans that went to the national theater supported their favorite candidates. However, the girl that had the majority of ovations was Allen, who modeled with confidence during the three runway shows in national costume, bathing suite and evening dress. By the end of the competition, the first finalist was Indira Rojas (Rivas), the second was Claudia Trejos (León) and the third was Miriam Cerda (Carazo).

During a interview with, Scharllette commented that the moment she remembers the most was when all the attendees (not only her family and friends) stood up clapping with joy when she was crowned as Miss Nicaragua. In addition to the title and crown, Allen won the Avon Face prize and near to US$5000 in other prizes.

Furthermore, Allen explained that Miss Nicaragua is not the only beauty pageant she has participated in, she also won local contest in Bluefields (RAAS). "I won Miss Moravo 2006, Miss Costa Caribe 2008 and Miss Autonomia 2009," she stated. From now on, Scharllette will train to compete in Miss Universe 2010 and will receive make up, voice and etiquette classes. She will also make interviews, photo shoots, among other activities that will strengthen her abilities.

According to Scharllette, the most important element that will help her in Miss Universe will be the confidence she has in herself, in God, her family and in every Nicaraguan that supports her. "I am now history by becoming Miss Nicaragua, I am excited because I won this title and I won´t let them down," she proudly said.