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Telethon 2010 in Managua | Mar 16, 2010

Cinthia Membreño

The Rubén Darío National Theater will become, for the first time in ten years, the headquarters of the Telethon 2010 of Nicaragua. Even though the main event will take place at this establishment on March 19, starting at 6:00 pm, volunteers from schools and universities will be collecting money in strategic parts of the country.

Ruth Elizondo, President of the Departmental Board of Managua, stated that the amount of money to collect this year is C$13,650,000. This funds will be utilized to built the Regional Rehabilitation and Early Education Center of Juigalpa (Chontales), the purchase of equipment for the Rehabilitation Center of Ocotal (Nueva Segovia) and the maintenance of the Medical Education Institute Los Pipitos, in addition to other projects that need money in order to continue operating.

A great number of activities were organized to collect funds. This Friday, more than 10, 000 piggy banks will be distributed throughout the country. Furthermore, a series of concerts, under the name of “Ruta Teletón”, took place in different bars and restaurants of the city of Managua. The last fund-raiser party will take place at Chamán Bar and will include a concert by the Nicaraguan band La Cuneta Son Machín.

The President of the Departmental Board of Managua also explained that the main goal of the event is to involve different sectors. "That's why our motto is 'Telethon is all of Nicaragua,'" she said. With this idea in mind, a new way of helping the event has been established: donation of vacation days of private companies. “Employees can go to their Human Resources Departments, say that they want to donate certain amount of days and the company will donate the equivalent money to our bank accounts”, she stated.

Another way to contribute is through the following bank accounts:

Bank Dollar Account Córdoba Account
BDF 103-0005704 102-001185-4
BAC 000-1443-29 000-1443-37
BANCENTRO 101-2339-36 100-2434-74
BANPRO 100-2171-423-7701 100-2170-423-7662
CITI 101-9961-1236 101-9611-215
BANEX 103-1000-757 103-0000-796
PROCREDIT 01-3734-2802 01-3734-1001
BANCO PROAMERICA 11600101002418220
Costa Rican Colones

The support from national and international artists will be part of this event. Luis Ángel (Argentina), Nando Boom (Panama) an the group Maromero (Costa Rica) have a confirmed participation on it. Also, Nicaraguan singers and bands such as Lya Barrios, Elsa Basil, Bikentius Chávez (DJ Revuelta Sonora), Malos Hábitos, Otto de la Rocha, Vivian López, Osman Delgado, Katia Cardenal and others, will perform live. For further information go to the Nicaraguan Telethon Foundation website.