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'Mayo Ya' celebrations in Bluefields | May 24, 2006

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This month, the city of Bluefields will celebrate its traditional Palo de Mayo festival, during the seventh 'Dancing Palo de Mayo Festival 2006', which will involve several types of activities, taking place in different places of the city on May 26, 27, and 28.

The most attractive events are the traditional parade through the principal streets when the participants dance the sensual Afro-Nicaraguan Palo de Mayo and the election of the Queen of the Fiestas, Mayaya Goddess 2006. The following activities will take place:

Friday, May 26: Start of the festival of art enthusiasts, which will take place at the Park of the Kings, starting at 7PM.

Saturday, May 27: Sailboat race in the bay of Bluefields, starting at 10AM. After this event, there will be a gastronomic festival with typical places from the region, taking place in the Park of the Kings from 11AM. The famous parade will also take place this day, ending at 1PM. The parade starts at the Obelisk.

Sunday, May 28: A horse-parade will take place from 2PM, also starting at the Obelisk and passing through the most important streets in the city. After this parade, the activities will finish with the election of the Mayaya Goddess 2006 and the Regional Cultural Festival, both taking place in the central area from 7PM.

For more detailed information about the different activities, check our Weekly Calendar.