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"Ajá": humor and social topics on national TV | May 11, 2010

Róger Solórzano Canales

In a yellow minibus, both with hats of the same color, two girls tour Nicaragua interviewing people about everyday problems. This is the description of "Ajá", a new TV show that airs Sundays at 5:15 pm on Channel 2 and that aims to captivate the audience with a good recipe: a lot of humor and creativity.

The main characters of the show are the young Nicaraguan journalist Maryorit Guevara and the Dutch Barbara Smit. The audiovisual company Beeman Production, which is the same one that produced the national shows "Aventados" and "Metropolis", is behind these two ladies. "Every chapter is an adventure. On each one, Barbara and I come up with some crazy idea to talk about different subjects", said Maryorit.

The launch of this program was held on Sunday, May 8. The first episode was about women who get pregnant to keep their partners. The first season has already been recorded and will include 18 episodes with issues like garbage on the streets, infidelity, violence against children, discrimination, and more.

The title of the show comes after a very famous Nicaraguan phrase - says Maryorit - which, according to its intonation and circumstance can express surprise, joy, disbelief, irony and other moods. The yellow hats are related to the logo of the show and the company that produces it, as well as the fact that Smit and Guevara investigate on the streets, so the hats give them a detective image.