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Historical cinema presentations | Jun 6, 2006

During a period of two days the National Film Library will present cinematographic material produced in Nicaragua between 1940 and 1979. This material is presented as the 'Somoza Collection' as it contains a lot of propaganda and news that was made during the years of the Somoza dynasty.

People who attend can see historical images of Nicaragua, including the inauguration of the Rubén Darío National Theater, the takeover of René Shick Gutiérrez, the Somoza-Agüero pact, the '72 baseball world championship and documentaries about the old Managua, including the earthquake in 1972.

The 'Somoza Collection' will be presented from 6.30 PM on Thursday, June 8th, and Friday, June 9th, 2006 in the cinema room of the National Film Library (Cinemateca Nacional), located in the cultural center of Managua (the ruins of the Gran Hotel), next to the National Cultural Palace. The general entrance fee is C$20. For more information, call 228-3089 (the National Film Library).

The director of the Film Library, Marcio R. Vargas, also invites people to visit the closing of the Ícaro Festival on Sunday, June 11th, when there will be free movie presentation from 2PM until 5PM.