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CNE launches the literary magazine "El hilo azul" | Jun 24, 2010

First cover of "El hilo azul"
Róger Solórzano

The Nicaraguan Center of Writers (CNE) will officialy launch its literary magazine "El hilo azul", which is directed by the writer Sergio Ramirez Mercado. The event will be held today, June 24, at 6:00 pm, at the central auditorium of Universidad Americana (UAM), situated in Managua.

For its first edition, which honors the poet Claribel Alegria, the magazine shows a sample of stories writen by young Nicaraguans, unpublished poems, an interview to Daisy Zamora, articles by Luis Rocha and Erick Aguirre, in addition to recent reviews of publications writen by Gioconda Belli, Onogre Guevara and Luis Duarte.

Today´s program of activities include a speech by the president of CNE, Luis Rocha, followed by a formal presentation by Sergio Ramirez. After that, the young writer Jose Adiact Montoya will read one of his stories. Finally, Claribel Alegria will read some of her unpublished poetry.

During an interview with Sergio Ramirez, he explained that the magazine will focus on the Nicaraguan literary production and that it will be published every semester. However, they hope to increase it to four publications per year. El hilo azul will include interviews, anthologies of poetry and stories, reviews and other pieces. "We want to promote the youth and classic literature," Ramirez stated.

This new magazine ows its name to the 297th parliament of the comedy-dance El Gueguense, heritage of humanity according to UNESCO, which expressed the following: "Oh, those times! When I was young. The time of the blue thread, when I saw myself with fuit baskets in those fields of Diriomo. Isn´t so, young boy?"