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Theft of historical Nicaraguan objects | Jun 6, 2006

This Monday (June 5, 2006) there was news about an extraordinary theft. Five Colt revolvers from the year 1856, put on display at the San Jacinto Hacienda as historical pieces from the victorious battle that took place here against North American invaders, were stolen from the museum. The police have no clues yet but continue their search.

This disappearance comes shortly after the theft of the birth certificate of the famous Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darío, last month. The document was taken from the diocesan archive in the city of León, where it was poorly guarded. Although there are still come copies conserved, this was the only authentic document available regarding the birth of the great writer. His birth was registered on March 3, 1867, three months after his actual birth.

In the second case, which is of much higher national and international importance, the police do not have a clue either, nor any suspects.