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SONNICA Festival 2010 in Managua | Aug 4, 2010

Promotional image of the event.
Cinthia Membreño

A variety of musical genres such as rock, ska, electronic, reggae, punk, among others, will be creatively mixed with the lyrics of the singer Carlos Mejia Godoy – one of the most renowned artists of the country – during the first edition of the SONNICA Festival 2010. The event, which will be a homage to Mejia's musical career, will be held on Sunday, August 8, starting at 2:00 pm at the parking lot of Metrocentro shopping mall.

During a press conference given to the local media, Matías Señorán, Manager of Communications and Image of Movistar, said that the festival will be held annually in honor of various Nicaraguan singers and artists. He also explained that the name of the festival relates to the Nicaraguan sounds, which are present in the songs that Carlos Mejia, and other national artists, have composed and have become part of the Nicaraguan traditional repertoire.

Seven bands and two singers will perform during this festival. La Cuneta Son Machín, Milly Majuc, División Urbana, Momotombo, Monroy & Surmenage, Malos Hábitos, Q69K, Phillip Montalbán and Norma Elena Gadea, will give a concert with their own repertoire but also with Carlos Mejia's songs. β€œFor example, Phillip Montalbán will sing a reggae version of 'Son tus perfúmenes mujer'”, said Señorán.

Another attractive element of SONNICA 2010 will be the presentation of unpublished material, such as videos, photos and songs that Mejia never recorded. In order to enjoy all of this, attendees must buy a Movistar C$20 phone card at the entrance of Metrocentro's parking lot. The festival will also be recorded by Movistar and broadcasted, during certain periods of time, by Channel 2 (national television).