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Four historical revolvers recovered | Jun 12, 2006

Agents from the National Police recovered last Saturday (June 10th) 4 of the 5 Colt revolvers that were stolen a week ago (June 5th) from the small museum at Hacienda San Jacinto. Here, they were on display as samples of the victorious battle that took place at this site during the war against North American filibusters in 1856.

According to the police from Tipitapa, in the department of Managua, a citizen had reported to be threatened by people using an odd pistol. Following up on this, the police found the house of the suspects and after succesfully searching it for the arms the police arrested two individuals.

Three of the five revolvers were recuperated from the patio of the house of the first suspect, where they were buried in plastic bags. The fourth revolver was found in a latrine, in the house of a family member of the second accomplice.

Although the fifth Colt revolver is still missing, the police assumes it is also hidden somewhere in the same latrine. The police is thinking about organizing a search together with the firefighters and the city hall of Managua to find the last stolen revolver in this latrine.

The arrested people (one of whom has a criminal record with several antecedents) said to have no idea of the historical value of the stolen objects. They will nevertheless be charged with theft and for an attack against the nation's patrimony. A third person is believed to have participated as well, but the police has no further clues regarding this accomplice.