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"Ex-It 2010" art exposition visits Nicaragua | Aug 6, 2010

Promotional image of the event. Courtesy of Espira, La Espora.
Cinthia Membreño

Photos, videos, paintings and other artistic expressions from Central American artists will be part of what Nicaraguans and foreigners will observe when visiting "Ex-It 2010", an itinerant exposition that is currently visiting Nicaragua. The event will take place at the French Alliance, situated in the city of Managua, on Thursday, August 12, starting at 7:00 pm.

According to a press release, given by the cultural institution Espacio para la Investigación y Reflexiòn Artìstica (Espira, La Espora), organizer of the event, "Ex-It 2010" has toured the capitals from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Its main objective is art education.

"Ex-It 2010" is the result of four artistic programs: the Fourth Academic Residency Program for Central American Artists (RAPACES) - which took place in the city of Granada (Nicaragua) in December 2009 - and parallel artistic exercises such as Creative Young Artists, Contemporary Art Workshop (TACON), Casa Estrellada and the Invisible Act.

According to the press release, the first of the parallel programs based its plan on games and imagination. The second one, represented the immersion of young artists into the world of contemporary art. Casa Estrellada - a TV show not yet aired - focuses on finding links between the popular aesthetics and contemporary art. Finally, the invisible act aims to generate encounters between social actors related to art.

The event will also include a brief chatting period with the authors of "Ex-It 2010", starting at 6:30 pm, on August 12. The art exhibition will remain open until Thursday, August 26, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm (Monday through Friday). The entrance is for free.